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The Lepe Law Firm specializes in all aspects of business law.

Business law includes contracts, partnerships, negotiable instruments, sale of goods, and formation of companies. Business law is sometimes called mercantile law or commercial law, and refers to the laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial entities. There are two distinct areas of business law — regulation of commercial entities and regulation of commercial transactions through the laws of contract. 

You business law needs begin when you set up a business. Each business becomes its own legal entity. Starting a new business typically starts with filing important paperwork, which is a great point to begin your relationship with a trusted business attorney. 

Many business interactions deal with preparing and negotiating contracts. A contract can include a purchasing agreement as well as an agreement with a third-party vendor to sell a product. Lawyers have a responsibility to work with clients to negotiate and draft contracts that are beneficial to those clients’ best interests.

Business Services

Forming a limited liability corporation is most often in your best interest. Naming your LLC, choosing a registered agent, and filing with the state are critical steps in successfully becoming an LLC.

Drafting legal contracts requires skill and comprehensive knowledge of the law. A well-drafted contract is critical to ensuring the success of your business as well as any future litigation.

Contract disputes, or breaches of contract, can happen in many different circumstances of business. Whether the breach of contract is minor or major, an attorney can help you protect your business and your bottom line.

The Lepe Law Firm is prepared to take on your legal issues and ensure your continued success.

We focus on equipping people with knowledge and empowering them to use the law to their benefit.


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We work smarter and harder for you. Complete comprehension of the law is our goal, and success is our constant focus.


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